Thursday, March 25, 2010

CAPS WIN! (Thursday Morn Links)


If you haven't found yourself watching a little more hockey lately, then you are missing out on a great "movement" in our area.  The Caps pulled out a great win last night in a shoot-out over their rival Pittsburgh Penguins that has just putting me in an overall good mood.  Add that to a great consumer experience over at Race Pace Bicycles in Ellicott City, and I couldn't be happier (except maybe if I was riding my new bike).  Anyway, enough about me.  How bout some links?

MI Developments plans to remake the local racing industry into a thriving business again.  All I know is that we went to the track for part of my bachelor party last summer, and it was depressing and dirty, with rude employees.  The people at the racing counter were great at helping us figure out the bets, but everyone else seemed to be watching the clock for when they got to go home.  I know that's a small problem in the grand scheme of Maryland's dying sport of kings, but it is an easy place to start.

O'Malley is taking an even stronger hold on the Federal teat.  I just don't think this is the time for our state to be the "first" at anything.  We have a gaping budgetary hole, made worse by financial dependence on federal money that will run out, and O'Malley wants to further our reliance on federal funds through "Government Math":
He said Maryland can save $1 billion over 10 years by adopting federal reforms, an estimate that takes into account the expenses of implementing them minus the expected state savings of having hundreds of thousands fewer uninsured residents.

I'm sorry Martin, but you haven't really proven your math skills in past performance.

Kudos to the Howard County Rotary for raising $15,000 for Haiti relief in their Centennial Day event.  This event seemed to have sprung up out of no where, and even though they weren't able to meet their goal of encircling the entire lake, $15,000 is a tremendous feat. 

Dan Rodricks has clearly read the Health Care bill.  I mean, how else could he give the opinion that by passing these measures, the Democrats are standing up for the "working poor"?  Bull.  Class warfare is bad because it feeds on the inherent comfort in being able to blame your fate on being a "victim."  The Government's job is not to level all playing fields and make the world "fair."  If you believe otherwise, there is a Constitution I would suggest you use as reference.

Wordbones talks about his "local pub" blog and how the ruffians will make a mess in the bathroom, stiff the bar on their drinks, claim that they'll never come back, and then be found on the bar stool the very next day.

Looks like the local blogging front was a little boring yesterday.  I hope you all have a great Thursday (as you send Friday love notes).


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  2. Thanks WB. I was starting to wonder whether anyone read these things.