Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ehrlich and HoCo Politics

The Howard County Times was in touch with some local politicians about their views on Ehrlich semi-officially throwing his hat in the ring for Governor (he will officially announce on April 7th).  The responses were mostly predictable with Republicans saying "woo hoo" and Dem's saying "who cares."  Funny enough, the article refers to former Ehrlich appointees Bob Flanagan and Dennis Schrader as "rumored GOP candidates for the County Council."  I don't know about Dennis, but I presume Bob has already declared, since he held his first fundraiser a little over a week ago.  Either way, both candidates have campaign websites (or "web sites" if you will).  Come on Patuxent, get on it.


  1. Bob Ehrlich running is a good thing for the election process. Voters need choices. I just wish more people would run. Accepting that these are the best two people to run our state just because they are the biggest names in their respective party is unfortunate. I personally would like to see competitive contested primaries. The more choices the voters have the better choice they can make.

  2. According to the Howard County Board of Elections website, neither Flanagan or Schrader has officially declared. Only Anthony Jordan has actually officially declared a candidacy as of March 24th.