Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Farm Friendly

Despite being in the midst of Farm Country, I have had a difficult time finding a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group to join this summer.  My wife and I have never been a part of one before, but I am really interested in giving it a go this year.

Jessie X saw a recent Facebook status of mine seeking information about joining a CSA and suggested I look into Buckland Farms in Clearville, PA.  She said that if they get enough interest, they may put together a HoCo drop off.

From my own survey of CSA's, this is by far the cheapest at $350 for the year.  I say that without knowing what exactly will be in the monthly drop, but as a newbie, I'm not really willing to jump in at $550 a month, which is what most of the other farms are charging.  If you are at all interested in joining (or just want to help me get closer to my farm-fresh food dream), drop Dan an e-mail and tell him you are part of the Central Maryland folk that may be interested in getting in on the CSA.

UPDATE: HowChow was kind enough to provide the link to his own efforts at collecting all of the local CSAs available to Howard County peeps.


  1. Buy some tomato plants from a nursery for 75 cents each and plant them. Great return on investment.

  2. Ha ha, thanks FM. We actually already have a garden in our backyard, but some vegtables need a little more room than we can offer.

  3. i'm interested! i'm thinking of a half share, as I have an active garden already. the CSA bounty will help keep me more in vegetables ... and a variety above and beyond what i'm growing. thanks for posting note of this CSA.

  4. http://howchow.blogspot.com/2009/03/community-supported-agriculture-in.html

    This doesn't include all the local options. I haven't had time to update it for 2010. But it is a start.

  5. It will be delicious. I'm not just a chef by profession--I'm the person who picked out the veggies we're growing at Buckland Farm this year. There's color, texture and size variations all over the place. Come and join our agricultural adventure!