Tuesday, March 23, 2010

HoCo Crime Stats -- Bad News

Sometime this month, the Howard County Police released the 2009 Crime Statistics for our county.  The good news is that crime (according to these statistics) has slowed down from the original acceleration that was apparent between 2007 and 2008.  The bad news is that it is still much higher than the 2005-2007 average.  Aggravated Assault, the "statistically friendly" step-child to "attempted murder" appears to be where the greatest increases are taking place, and this trend continues into 2009.

No one would say we live in a dangerous county (or at least not anyone that used to live in Baltimore), but between 2007 and 2009, our crime rate has gone up approximately 30%, with aggravated assaults increasing by 50%.  Meanwhile our population growth has increased in single digits, with the population growth over the last five years being 2.5%.

Either that 2.5% was a set of bad mama jamas, or we are in trouble.  This is especially concerning for a county looking to see an large influx in population growth, with or without CB 58 & 59 over the next five years.


  1. health care bill note from Ralph Nader ( no joke ):

    "In fact, the bill that was passed by the House Sunday night was a result of a deal President Obama and the Democrats cut last year with the pharmaceutical industry."

  2. The NCA lied. They claimed repeatedly and loudly that the residents were on their side, but now admit that the referendum would doom the 5500 additional residences if the decision is placed on the ballot for the voters, ie., residents to decide.

    Sign the petition this week:

    Waverly Woods Coffee House 8am-10am Birmingham way (The Classic Cup)
    Harper's Choice Safeway and Ritas each day 2pm -6pm through March 31st.