Thursday, March 18, 2010

John Bailey Leaves GOP

In a recent e-mail to voters, it appears that John Bailey, candidate for State Delegate in District 12B, will be leaving the Republican Party:

I have come to the conclusion that running for State Delegate in District 12B against Liz Bobo as a Republican would be an extreme uphill battle regardless of how favorable the election cycle might be for the Republican Party. For that reason as well as my personal belief that residents and businesses of Columbia are lacking representation in Annapolis I am switching my party affiliation to Democrat. As a public school teacher I see the importance of job creation and having a vibrant community surrounding the schools. From everything we have seen in the past few years, Liz Bobo opposes job creation, which negatively impacts school funding as well as leads to an increase in crime and unemployment.

I'm stunned.  John is a former member of the Howard County GOP Central Committee and a well known Republican state-wide.  In fact, he will be holding a fundraiser in less than a month's time with the last Republican County Executive this County has seen.  I have to presume that John also has contacts with County Dems, and that they've cleared the path for him a bit.  Delegate Bobo has been criticized, and hailed, for her position on CB 58 and 59.


  1. I believe John found himself in a district where having an "R" next to his name guaranteed he would never win an election, no matter who he ran against. As a moderate Republican, who is fiscally conservative but socially more laissez faire, he should very successfully make the transition to the Democratic party. Interestly, Senator James Clark would make most Republicans look very liberal by today's standards, so John should be welcomed. Party cannot mean everything. We need good people in Annapolis, and if this is one way to do it, we need to support John Bailey in every way we can.

    By the way, one clear difference between John Bailey and Liz Bobo is that, generally, Liz Bobo has been very critical of redeveloping downtown Columbia while John Bailey has been generally supportive.

    Hopefully, John will get support for both parties as he seeks to oust the incumbent.

  2. Thank you for those kind words anonymous. That is my thinking as well.

  3. John is a good guy, but Liz is wildly popular and John was in favor of increasing density to screeching proportions while bailing out GGP.

    He made his uphill battle impossible. Switching parties just means it'll be decided sooner rather than later.

  4. Anon 7:05. John is not in favor of "increasing density to screeching proportions while bailing out GGP." That is a complete mischaracterization of the plan to redevelop downtown Columbia. Can you support either of those assertions?

  5. It's a shame that the GOP has lost John. We need candidates and people like him. But it's equally positive to have such a good candidate running against Liz Bobo, one of the most extreme liberals in Annapolis. In a district like his, I'll take the moderate democrat beating Bobo than the unfunded Republican who loses 2-1 any day - espeically if he can stay true to his principles. I will still be supporting him and hope you will too.