Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday is Monday's Accomplice (Tuesday Morning Links)

Good Morning Marylanders!  I caught a little pre-season baseball last night, and even though Jeremy Guthrie would best serve as a little league batting practice coach, it still made me excited for the Spring and...gulp...Oriole baseball.  I thank God for making me an Oriole fan, for it has taught me humility, patience, and that delusion comes in six month intervals.  I will be going to a lot of games this summer, and hopefully it does not dampen my otherwise persistent good mood.  Links?  Yes, lets.

Andy Harris is running for Congress with the promise that he will not be there long.  I wish more candidates ran on term limit platforms, but then again, those that have done so in the past have overstayed their original "limit" on the basis of having "many miles to go before they sleep."  The principle of citizen government requires this turn-over, and our currently Congressional scheme of "seniority" and the like stand in the way of this type of reform.  The only problem is that in order to get done what needs to be accomplished, we need to take "self interest" out of the equation, which may require straight-jackets and handcuffs.

The Catholic Church, as part of its mission, offers services in the community under the banner of Christianity.  Every so often, the government will stick its finger in the eye of the Church in order to thrust their chest out on some social more that runs counter to the teaching of the church.  Baltimore, despite the fact that they can't seem to keep their own house in order, has decided to follow Washington, D.C's lead in picking a fight with Catholic non-profits.  It is truly a shame.

Sometimes Lady Justice isn't so pretty, but that's why she wears a blindfold.  Please comment below with any word on how we can help contribute to this man's costs.

Armed robbery in Long Reach.

Home invasion and robbery in Laurel.

Wordbones covers the land use litigation.

HowChow suggests you skewer yourself.

Hedgehog will not be paying for RNC strippers anytime soon.

Another quiet day on the local blogging front.  I have been a little disappointed at the lack of interesting fodder recently.  WB has even taken to pondering his phone.  I guess everyone is off hiding Easter Eggs.

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  1. I can not even begin to express my outrage with the Court of Appeals judge who made this horrendous decision!!! It was premature, and flat out wrong on so many levels I don't even know where to start. The family's lawsuit against the Westboro Church was not a frivolous lawsuit so this decision is beyond comprehension.

    That Church group may have a 1st amendment right to say the hateful, dispicable things they want to, but can do it at other times and places other than when funerals for fallen soldiers are taking place. If God ever had good cause to strike down a group of people, this Church of hate certainly deserves the top spot.

    If there is any way to contribute to this family, I would like to know so I can help them out. Outrageous!
    And the judge should be impeached or driven out of town with pitchforks and torches at his heels. What an absolute @szwhole!!!!