Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Your Heaping Helping of Politically Convenient Umbrage (Tuesday links)

Good morning!  Late night at the office last night, so the links are a little late this morning.  I don't even know how much readers enjoy these links, but it has become a force of habit.

Per a reader's comment, maybe Executive Ulman should start up a penny jar for the Patuxent Riverkeepers (or just redirect the VirginFest contributions).

As a Howard County resident that works in Baltimore City, I am in danger of ending up in a very high tax bracket should the City pass the proposed commuter tax.  The arrogance of it all is that Baltimore City already gets my tax dollars through the state, and now, due to gross mismanagement and the presumed graft taking place, needs to impose new taxes.  Frustrating.

A commuter tax will certainly have a great effect on the vacant office buildings in the City.

I honestly do not know too much about CA politics, but figured I would pass this article on about Wilde Lake being the only contested CA seat this year.

The Baltimore Sun believes that the Health Care vote proves that the government can get things done.  Really?  You mean they don't have to do anything?  They just "pass it" and that proves they are an effective problem-solving government?  Some days I wonder what it would be like to have a local paper that wasn't the "government's pet."  Well I guess I'll know if Ehrlich wins in November.

Senator Robert Zirkin may save Direct Wine Shipping by amending it to another bill pending in the Senate.  My cynicism on this issue tells me that this is merely posturing, but I do know that "we" have the legislature's attention and that all the liquor lobby money in the world is not going to protect the "no votes" come November.

I hope Wordbones gets a free mocha soy latte out of this...Venti please.  (In an earlier post, Bob Flanagan gets out on the wrong foot with our local blogger laureate).

Freemarket made a bunch of posts yesterday, including his ongoing battle with the head-counters.

Sometimes I regret going to HowChow's site after realizing that I will most likely have to wait until the weekend to eat any of the amazing food that is posted there.  Today is one of those days.

Back to the mines.  I hope you all have a great Tuesday.

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