Friday, May 21, 2010

D'Asto Speaks

Cruising around over on Wordbones's comments section, I noticed that Tom D'Asto, Republican candidate for County Council in District 4, has come out with positions on Columbia Redev and Healthy Howard (and a love for exclamation points).  I thought I would share:

So, let's make this my official stance on the Town Center re-development: It's been voted on. It's a done deal. It's such a done deal that I want to be the community enforcer to make sure that the developer's actually stick to what they signed up to do! I come from a part of the district/county that has seen the developer's plan unfold repeatedly: propose a plan of high density, fight with the community, come to some middle ground, and then as soon as the equipment starts to move earth the developer puts up those familar orange signs announcing a change in plans! Well, I won't stand for it as your Councilman. In fact, I will push for completion of the plan as fast as possible. We don't need this dragging out for decades!

As for Healthy Howard, health care is no more a right than someone having a right to brand new sports car. No one goes without health care that needs it. By law, HC General has to treat anyone that walks into the emergency room. Yes, this, in part, increases our premiums that we pay for health care, but in Howard County I also have to pay a tax so that Healthy Howard can exist.

Tom D`Asto
Candidate for Howard County Council
District 4