Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wine In The...Wherever You Want

Ken Ulman found my soft spot.  According to this press release, Executive Ulman plans to submit an amendment to current zoning regulations to make it easier to grow grapes and open wineries in our county.

I've said it before, I'll say it again, Maryland wine is not high on my list.  It is either chapitalized to Hi-C consistently or tastes like asphalt.  This is mostly because of our weird wet Springs and cold Falls (if you are ever at my house, I can show you a map of what I'm talking about).  However, wine always tastes a little better the closer you are to the grapes.  By that I mean, winery wine rarely tastes bad, not because the wine is different, but because the experience is different.

So kudos to you, Mr. Ulman.  This is a smart, easy, idea that will be over-whelming popular and will not cost the county a dime.  Please send a missive to the politicos in Annapolis about how smart, easy, and popular this was so that they may think over the Direct Shipping bill a bit more.