Friday, July 16, 2010

Anthony Jordan Steps Aside

My friend Anthony Jordan, who was running for County Council in District 2 against Calvin Ball, has closed shop.  In my humble opinion, he ran for all the right reasons, and he is closing his campaign for all the right reasons.  His job has picked up speed and he has two young daughters at home that can't be expected to understand the time commitments that are keeping their Dad out of the house.  A friend of mine recently said "The life of a politician sucks," and it was no different in this case.  The link above connects to Anthony's full explanation, but I don't think anyone in their right mind can fault him for stepping aside.  I also want to note that despite being greatly out-matched in funds and name recognition, Anthony always kept his integrity and never bought into the negative campaign tactics that others were trying to hoist on him.  He was disparaged for not doing so, but I can tell you as his friend, I was incredibly proud of how he ran his campaign.

So unless Reginald T. Avery is able to collect 330 signatures, Calvin Ball is on his way to an unchallenged seat.