Thursday, July 22, 2010

GOP Plan For District 2

I've found that sometimes the articles on The Sun webpage will morph after the original posting to include additional information.  Larry Carson's piece about Anthony's withdraw from District 2 was just one of those articles.  When I first read it, I didn't see anything from GOP Central Committee Chairwoman Joan Becker.  I now see this:

Election board deputy administrator Guy Mickley said that once Jordan is the nominee, he can officially withdraw, and the Republican party centerl (sic.) committee can name a replacement. Party charwoman Joan Becker said that's her plan.

That would give a new candidate only six weeks to campaign, but Becker said the move is still worth making.

"It's just so people have an opportunity to vote for someone of their choosing," she said.

I wonder if Mr. Avery's phone is ringing?  I don't see why a candidate couldn't "campaign" prior to being named the GOP candidate on September 15th.  I would also be very skeptical of whomever the GOP proffered, and hope that they would have been someone that supported Anthony prior to him having to leave the race.