Wednesday, July 14, 2010

RUNNERS!!! Read Me!

Living Social is a website that posts ridiculous one day deals for local businesses.  Supposedly there is some floor, where if not enough people buy into the deal, the deal evaporates and everyone gets their money back.

Many of you have heard about my love affair with Charm City Run.  They put on great events and have just opened a new store in Clarksville (which you "new to the party" folks may think of as "River Hill").  Today Living Social is offering a deal whereby you spend $40 for an $80 gift certificate (and not like those fake GC's where you have to buy $300 for a $30 discount).

You may be asking yourself "This isn't empty criticism or mean-spiriting teasing of politicians.  Why would HCR post such a thing?"  Because I want free money.  You see the other way Living Social works is once you buy a deal, if you get three other people to buy it, you get your deal for free.  I honestly believe it is a great deal (especially for those looking to buy new running shoes) and wanted to share it with my peeps.  The side effect of potentially free money is something I will begrudgingly take as a reward for promoting fitness.