Monday, July 19, 2010

The Sun Covers Anthony Jordan

Larry Carson just put out a quick piece about Anthony Jordan's decision to close shop on his campaign for County Council in District 2.  I don't really agree with the angle he took here, which basically portrays Anthony as sabotaging some GOP "plan" to unseat the uber-popular Calvin Ball.  Anthony made his decision last Thursday and notified the HoCo GOP Central Committee that same day (as well as some other GOP politicos who had supported him).  Believe it or not, there is not exactly a line of people looking to run in District 2 from the right side of the aisle.  By all appearances, no one said anything about the withdraw deadline to Anthony, but even if they had, I don't know if the county GOP would have found a candidate to plug in to the race.

For those looking to unseat Calvin, Reginald T. Avery is your pony.  If you ask him nice enough, he may even let you sign his petition...that is, if he'll talk to you about the election in the first place.