Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Central Committee Clarification

Earlier today, I posted my belief that there are two slates of candidates running for Republican Central Committee.  This is based off of a dichotomy of endorsements between the Republican Assembly and "African Americans In Howard County" (which I still think is a presumptive name for an interest group).  I did not intend for this to be a suggestion that I know exactly who is on each slate.  As an example, Chris Oxenham has worked hard to run independent of any "grouping."  Also, Dave Myers received the endorsements of both the Assembly and AAIHC.

Bottom line: There are outliers, and from my perspective, we should encourage their independence.  The worst thing that could occur is a grouping of "like-minded individuals" all being elected together and then steam-rolling their agenda through the Committee.  I am still getting a feel for what the Central Committee is actually responsible for, but I recognize it as an elected body with all the respect and attendant authority that such positions may hold.

The End...for now.