Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dr. Zaneb Beams Hits The Inter-Webs

Dr. Beams, candidate for County Council in District 5, has herself a website.  She wants healthier families, safer roads, and smarter development.  Um...ok.  Does this mean she is against the Columbia Redevelopment Plan?  That would seem to be the only way a challenger can run against a Council incumbent, because if we think Columbia redev is good, the Council has done the County a tremendous service in getting this huge set of legislation passed, and deserves to be re-elected.  If Columbia Redev is bad, then we have all been royally screwed and these bums need to get the boot.

As far as safer roads, I hope she isn't talking about Death Alley over on Route 32.  While an important issue, that is not anything the Council can address.

Healthier families...let me guess...starts with H ends with ealthy Howard?

Hearing about Dr. Beams's reported 9 hours door knocking this past weekend, we have to take her seriously.  She deserves that.  But what I look for in candidates is a compulsion to run other than an enjoyment in seeing one's name writ large on bumper stickers and yard signs.  Said otherwise, I don't want to vote for walking talking egos.  That is idealistic (possibly naive), but as much as Alan Klein stirs the emotions of Howard Countians (both positively and negatively), I really do believe he felt compelled to run when he saw that no one would challenge Mary Kay.  With Dr. Beams, it seems like the candidacy came first and now she's looking for issues.  Hopefully she proves me wrong in the coming weeks.