Saturday, August 21, 2010


It seemed almost appropriate that my Sun Paper hold was scheduled a day too early, leaving me without the Carson Funny Pages on this fine Saturday morning.  The world is telling me "Stop.  Everything.  Now."

Trevor has oriented himself to the command station and should be posting something in the next couple days (or even today?).  I wish all the candidates luck as we head down the home-stretch.

One final note before blue seas and cool drinks:

By the letters to the editor in the Columbia Flier, it looks like the Sigaty/Klein match-up has taken a turn for the "mean."  I will only say this to the Klobo crew (knowing it will be ignored): when you go negative, you are wasting time tearing down, which could be spent building up your candidate.  While I don't agree with the letter, and believe the author to be slightly disingenuous in saying her vote has recently been "swung,"  Ms. Jacobson uses her soapbox to say why Alan Klein would be a good candidate.  Seems like every other letter that references Klein is prefaced by "At least he's not that mean evil horrible despicable corporate lackey Mary Kay Sigaty."  While it may "feel good" to be on the "bully side" of the bully/target dynamic (probably for the first time in your life), it will continue to hurt your cause.

That is certainly hypocritical of me to say in light of "Klobo," but I don't write what I write on behalf of a candidate.  I just think Klobo is funny, and above all things, I try to make this site entertaining. The Letter to the Editor battalion is clearly writing on behalf of Alan Klein.  When you ramp up this level of vitriol, it is very hard to pull back.  If I were Alan, a man who has taught "peace" and "mutual understanding" and "cooperation", I would pull some of my folks aside and say "Hey, if you all like me so much, why don't you tell them why?"

Or is it possible that Alan is just a token.  Maybe that set is just so angry at Mary Kay that they would support anyone.  Maybe anger is all they have.  If someone tells you that you are the messiah enough times, I'm sure you start to believe it.  I think Mary Kay is the victim of a wanna-be political machine, that builds people up, and turns on them in the blink of an eye.  That's why I thought I saw genuine hurt in Mary Kay's eyes at the League of Women Voters Forum.  I wouldn't be able to say who, but there was probably at least one person in a "Alan Klein, He's In It For Us (When He Doesn't Have a Previously Scheduled Engagement)" T-shirt that may have previously chanted "Hot diggity, Vote for Sigaty."  I'm sure that at one time, someone in that room helped flood the Columbia Flier with letters tearing down her opponent.  They probably told her that she was the "one independent voice" that would save Columbia.

Sound familiar Alan?