Thursday, August 12, 2010

Way Back Machine: 2006 County Elections

I stumbled across this incredibly thorough and statistically supported analysis of the 2006 County election (focusing on the County Exec race) from the often replicated, but never duplicated Hayduke, and felt it would be a shame if it was not revived for 2010 analysis (kinda like that favorite shirt that you put on for "Date Night," but didn't get that wrinkly, so you put it back on the hanger when your wife isn't that).  I was in Baltimore, spending time with the Baltimore City GOP Central Committee, for this election, so I don't have much context to use it in conjunction with a 2010 analysis.  Unfortunately, our spirit guide from 2006 has since been silenced, at least in terms of blog analysis, so I will leave it to the 2006 vets to add their own observations.