Thursday, August 19, 2010

"You and I Speak Up"

Listen, I really really don't like Keith Olbermann.  This is only because my Mom told me when I was four that it was impolite to "hate" anyone, and that you could "strongly dislike" them instead.

HOWEVER, when you rabble rouser righty rightists raise your fists over the "empty issue of the day," yet have no idea about the practicalities of government, you bastardize a cause that is otherwise legitimate and worthy of respect.  You also open yourself up to someone like Keith Olbermann making a fool of you on national television.

So if you've railed against the "Cordoba House" or suggested on Facebook that this mosque is all about a petty game of capture the flag, you should take the 12 minutes to watch this video.  Unfortunately for you, it is supported with facts, facts that would have been available to you if you had done one or two simple Google searches instead of eating up whatever the talking heads would like to feed you.

Stop giving pompous a-holes like Keith Olbermann the easy outs.