Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tea Party Targets Proudfoot

It seems that my inquiries into Brian Meshkin's past have been interpreted as being "on behalf of" David Proudfoot.  While I can't prove a negative, I can tell those of you that frequently visit this blog, and find me credible, that David has nothing to do with this.  (Nor does Sandra French, Robert Ballinger, or Larry Walker -- my other favorite candidates in the Board of Education race).  Looking into Brian was like pulling a string on a sweater...the more I pulled, the more I found.  I received unsolicited messages from those who wished not to be cited, so I had to find independent web confirmation.  I was off the mark on a few things I found, but overall I think the post stands true.

What you will also note from the comments is that the "Tea Party of Maryland" is a "strong supporter" of Brian's campaign (that's certainly one way to put it).  They/it appear to have determined that "revenge" is necessary, by way of soliciting negative information about David Proudfoot.  I tend to believe that you can learn more about a person by knowing who their enemies are than who their friends are.  Predictably, the "Tea Party of Maryland" Facebook page is filled with hate mongering rhetoric such as "Ironic that Obama is building a nation of slaves" and "73% of Americans say that illegal immigration is a problem.  The other 27% say 'No habla ingles.'" (It is "No hablo," you student of the world, you).  In sum, I congratulate David for his new foe (to the extent he is willing to acknowledge them).

Obviously, I take no issue with critiquing the candidates.  Candidate-turned-blogger David Thalheimer posted yesterday about some research he did into David's work as a teacher and administrator (and creepily notes that David has two nieces, apparently taking issue that they don't attend Howard County schools).  While questioning his qualifications, Mr. Thalheimer fails to note that David has masters and doctoral degrees in education leadership.  He also does not include that when David was assistant principal at Joan Walker Elementary in Florida, his school received a 5 Star School Award for Community Involvement and is noted as a "Great School" on 

 I am biased, and do not profess otherwise.  I am proud to call David Proudfoot my friend.  However, if you read my blog, or follow the posts I've made about David, you know that this friendship came out of my interest in his candidacy.  I would never deliberately "attack" a candidate in order to promote a friend.  Anthony Jordan is one of my closest friends, but you never saw me "go after" Calvin in order to affect the race.  That's bad politics.  I have, what I believe to be, legitimate concerns with Brian Meshkin, which were heightened even further by the manner in which the Tea Party came out of the woods to comment.  If the Tea Party doesn't like it, they can take it up with me.