Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Comment Moderation Policy

After chatting this over with a friend, I want to implement a new comment moderation policy.  The moderators are all of you.  If you see a comment that you feel is unnecessarily nasty, does not contribute to the conversation, and is deterring further discussion -- FLAG IT.  Disqus has a feature that allows other commenters to flag comments.  If a comment receives three flags, it will be deleted.  I intend to inject some subjectivity at the three flag stage to make sure we are not just quashing a marginal point of view, but the presumption will be towards deletion.

If I delete a comment, I will do the following:
1) Note in the body of the post that a comment was deleted, with a general description of the content (without rehashing the offensive material).
2) Provide an explanation as to why I thought the comment required deletion.
3) Offer a suggestion on how the commenter may better frame their comment to avoid deletion.

If I have to delete three or more of your comments, under the guidelines noted above, you will be blocked from commenting.

Now, you all know I hate comment moderation, so please make this worthwhile.  The general suggestion is that if the forum was less nasty, more people would participate.  Let's see that participation (including your thoughts on the new moderation policy).