Friday, February 11, 2011

Ladies Love T-Bonz

(Wouldn't LL T-Bonz be a cool rapper name?)

Anyway, last weekend I was in T-Bonz having a few beers with a friend and I started chatting with Chris Mabe, who is the bar manager there.  He started telling me about this awesome Flying Dog beer dinner: Four courses paired with four beers for $75 a couple.  Jane doesn't much care for beer, but I immediately thought of my Dad, who has introduced me to the wide world of beer that exists outside the shackles of "Coors, Miller, and Bud."  $40 a person for a beer dinner is a down right steal.

I said, "Sign me up."

Chris turned to ring me up and made a passing reference to "Valen... Day."

Aww shoot.  I had made reservations almost two months ago for Woodberry Kitchen and Jane, while understanding, is not so understanding as to allow me to cancel such reservations for a beer dinner (as awesome as beer dinners are).

So!  If you are still looking for Valentine's Day plans, have the great honor of dating someone who loves beer, OR are planning a "Love Stinks" night, I think the T-Bonz beer dinner is a great plan.  You can e-mail Chris or call the restaurant.

(I am not getting paid for this plug.  I just like to support local businesses...especially ones that are offering good deals like this one).