Monday, June 27, 2011

From The Paths of Columbia to the Cherry Trees of Lisbon (Monday Links)

I covered a good amount of ground this weekend.  I spent Saturday in Conscious Corner and at the Clarksville Picnic.  On Sunday, I somehow got lost amongst the paths of Dorsey's Search and then came home to an impromptu trip to Larriland Farms.

Saturday was great.  For those that have not spent time at Roots, Sage, and Nest (among all of the other great stores in this shopping center), you need to get over there.  The samples at Roots will rival any trip to Costco and Sage offers the opportunity to try something "different" no matter how ordinary your order may be.  Jane and I also really enjoyed Nest, which has a number of "sustainable" options for ordinary living.  The Picnic was great as well, although we did not come away with any loot.  It was good to see old friends, especially Youth Minister Pat Sprankle, who played a big role in my formative years at St. Louis.

On Sunday I went for a long run around the Frederick Road area and when coming back down Gray Rock, I decided I would take a "path less traveled" and got myself horribly lost among the CA path-work in that area.  Despite being so horribly lost, I experienced that "overwhelming sense of well-being" while walking along tot lots, trees, and streams.  I hope more people will take the opportunity to "Get Lost."  It is an under-utilized amenity offered by CA and free to boot!

Finally, after wearing my legs down to the last few fibers, Jane reminded me that we had decided to go berry picking at Larriland Farms.  I had not been out to the Lisbon farm since I was a child, but it was yet another opportunity to rediscover a County jewel.  We had a blast.  I can't say I understand how blueberries are ever picked with any measure of efficiency, but we had a great time together amongst the acres of wonderful (cheap) berries, cherries, and beets (yeah, beets) that were available for Pick-Your-Own baskets.

Overall, an exhausting weekend (with work mixed in), but one that was filled with time well-spent.


Scary story about a UMBC senior who was reported missing after last telling his parents he was at the Columbia Mall.

I presume that any development around Pimlico is a good thing, but all those who have done any driving around this area can give a pretty good account of what gambling does to a neighborhood.  I don't mean to come across as a Puritan, but these slot parlors certainly seem like poison pills to me.

Government employees will be bearing the most immediate burden from unsustainable federal debt.  Second?  The State of Maryland.  (Government contractors are somewhere along this line...followed again by "The State of Maryland.")

Maryland's neutered wine-shipping bill has only drawn applications from 10 wineries to ship directly to Maryland homes.  It is no surprise to this writer that a half-way measure, such as the one passed by the General Assembly, does not draw much interest from those involved in the direct shipping business.

In my Sunday Post, I read this article about a disaffected D.C. Principal and the troubles of the DC school system.  Interestingly enough, the D.C. Principal is leaving education to set up a bakery ("Cooks 'n Cakes") here in Howard County.

WB spends some time in Elkridge, seeing the sights...avoiding being seen.

53 Beers is tired of the hand-wringing over the Belmont Estate and would not be opposing to razing the building and starting from scratch.

Sarah has a great post about involving newcomers in community business and activities.  I think this is a very important discussion to have, especially in light of the apparent complaints about this year's Wine in the Woods (which, for the most part, I think have been way over-blown).  Sure, WITW relates mostly to out-of-towners, but how often do we in Howard County admit to "living in a bubble."  A lot of that has to do with a constructive exclusion of outsides AND maybe even newcomers.  Our discussions often turn on "Well you weren't here when...happened" (especially in the CA context) and, for reasons unknown, we respect the point of view that things should stay the same (nothing ever does).

I look forward to seeing a number some of you at the ignite Columbia CA World Tour event tonight at Kahler Hall.  I know about as much as all of you!

Have a great Monday doing what you love!