Tuesday, September 13, 2011

HoCo Redistricting Maps Released

First off, huge thank you and congratulations to the Howard County Redistricting Commission for all their work so far.  This is very important and it is appreciated.

Second, here are the maps:

Map 100 -- Sure to be the most discussed map out of the three.  This districting scheme would create Jess-elk-umbia District 3, composed primarily of those communities along Route 1.  It seems apparent both from the shape of the district, and the quotes in Lindsey McPherson's piece in the Flier, that this was a district advocated for by the Republican members of the commission.  Honestly, their logic is sound and I think the fine people of Elkridge would do well to come out in support of this map.  It won't pass, but I agree with the various quotes from the GOP members that this is a subject worthy of discussion -- Does Route 1 get the attention it deserves.

Map 200 -- This seems to be the map that the Blue Team prefers and one that will most likely draw some testimony from yours truly.  Dorsey's Search should remain in District 4 with the rest of Columbia.  I understand that the Dems wouldn't mind seeing District 1 a little more blue, but not only would you be putting this area of CA lien-holder property on an island in D1, but you would also be splitting the Dorsey's Search community, which includes Fairway Hills on the other side of 108, into two pieces.

Map 300 -- Let's call this the Goldilocks map.  It's just right.  A little shift here, a little shift there, and just about all the Districts have nearly equal populations, with a little more for District 5.  Map 300 seems perfect for the passing.