Saturday, November 5, 2011

Community Pools Back In the News

Just as pools across the County are checking their last skimmer for the season, the Howard County public pool debate is getting back in gear.

Jessica Anderson with the Baltimore Sun reports that Council-member Courtney Watson has submitted legislation to the Planning Board to allow community pools to sell their development rights to "offset property taxes."  From the article:

"The development rights that pools would sell could be purchased from the county by developers, and would permit them to increase the number of housing units [for] a new development in a different location by 10 percent."

As indicated by the article, it seems inevitable that this discussion will yet again contrast community pools with the Columbia Association.  I cannot say this enough -- these comparisons are bad for our County, bad for our community, and, worst of all, involve bad logic. 

Getting that out of the way, I think this is an innovative way to help these pools and hope the legislation gets approval from the Planning Board and moves on to the Council.