Friday, December 30, 2011

HoCo GOP to Decide Dyer's Fate?

Sara Toth has a great "new analysis"-type piece in the Flier about the apparent lackluster interest in challengers for the 2012 Board of Education race.  Sara notes that if we don't have at least seven candidates for the Board of Education by the filing deadling (January 11, 2012), there may not even be a primary.  According to the piece, we currently have at least five:

Ellen Giles
Janet Siddiqui
Allen Dyer (not filed, but expressed intent to run)
Leslie Kornreich
Ann DeLacy (not filed, but expressed intent to run)

Don Norris, with the University of Maryland, was quoted as saying that even if there is a primary, it may not draw enough interest for people to vote.

That had me thinking about who is voting in this primary: Republicans.  They may be a minority party in the County, but I think there is a very good chance that they are the majority party in an April Primary with the potential for a drawn out GOP Primary Battle.  A concentrated effort by the GOP to get "their guy/gal" onto the School Board and/or boot someone like Allen Dyer off could be effective to knock out an incumbent before we even get to November.

The question is whether the party has the organizational capacity or interest to pull something like this off.  It is not as sexy as the Taxpayer Protection Initiative, but it would be a significant strategic victory that many in the County would appreciate.