Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3 Years and 3 Days (Wednesday LINKS)

I missed my blogoversary.  Thankfully, there will be no cold shoulder from this page of bits and bytes, but I still felt bad.  We bloggers have an attachment to these dates; for good reason too.

Starting a blog undoubtedly changes your life.  At first, it just changes the way you live.  Everything you do is just a little more interesting, even if it is just to you.  That thought you had on the way to work about how to revive our village centers?  A blog post.  That really good sandwich you had for lunch?  A blog post.  Your porch umbrella launches itself into your vacant neighbor's house about 5 feet out of your reach?  Definitely a blog post.

But then, if you stick with it sees you different.  You are the sticky paper flytrap.  "Please don't put this on your blog."  In a world without discretion, we are the ones presumed to have the least.  In light of these seemingly compulsory daily expressions, that makes some sense.  There have to be some questions about self-control.

Being a "blogger" has been one of the most interesting, fulfilling, and frustrating endeavors of my life.  Most of the time (90%), I'm just thinking about the first two.  I almost feel like they would have to be out front in order to get myself up in the morning.  For the other 10%, I think my frustration is a consequence of sticking my nose so far into this "stuff."  I see promises unfulfilled by politicians and citizens alike.  Sometimes I think the latter bothers me the most.

As for where next?  Who knows.  I don't think I say this enough, but thank you.  By reading here, you have brought a great deal of happiness into my life that I never expected when I first opened a Blogger Account.  You've changed me for the better.  You've broadened my world-view and helped me realize just how often I am wrong.  I have no doubt that this blog has made me a better person...even if the occasional reader sees me as fly-paper.


Lisbon Volunteer Firefighters came out in force at the Council hearing on the consolidated fire tax.  I couldn't tell from the piece whether there was a big showing from the Howard County GOP, but I imagine that bills like these are their bread-and-butter.  An interesting argument that I had not considered before is that while response times may be the same for both east and west, there is an insurmountable difference when it comes to fire hydrants.  They have them in the east, not in the west.  Whether that amounts to a significant change in what we should pay, I don't know.  I still think this Council should refuse to sign any bill that does not set final rates at the outset.  Otherwise, your opponent's next attack mailer will begin with the following: "Voted for TWO tax increases in TWO months."

59 residents of Wheatfield write in a letter to the editor that their community was ignored in every stage of the redistricting process.  Redistricting Commission member Kevin Rodkey also slams Ken Ulman for turning his back on Wheatfield (and Dorsey) in favor of "other considerations."  On that note, I would truly appreciate someone explaining to me how Ken's decision on redistricting helped him in pursuit of the Gubernatorial Nomination.  I just don't see it.

Mitt Romney will be in Maryland today to speak with supporters.  Yet again, most media outlets want to pretend that the GOP nomination is still in play.  Barring self-immolation of the Republican party in protest of a Romney nomination, this is a done deal.  Romney's visit does not detract from that.  In fact, many of you may recall that John McCain gave his first speech as the non-contested nominee in Maryland in 2008.  Mitt Romney dropped out hours before McCain spoke before the Baltimore County Lincoln Day Dinner. (If I have my memory straight)

Featured Blog Post of the Day: I can not think of a better example of "living a life more interesting" as a blogger than my friend WB's adventure with his vacuum cleaner turned table lamp...and bulk trash pick-up.

That's all for today.  As always, have a great Wednesday doing what you love!