Friday, March 2, 2012

The Battle for Dorsey

The final fits and starts of the Council Redistricting Battle seem to be resting in great part on what is to be done with the neighborhood of Dorsey's Search.  The original Commission Map (you know, those folks charged with hearing the public, drawing a map, and proposing the map for a vote) has the entirety of Dorsey's Search in D1.  In the map below, D1 (Watson) is yellow, D2 (Ball) is purple, D4 (Sigaty) is green, and D5 (Fox) is blue:
You'll note the dark yellow/light green portion below 108, which constitutes the Fairway Hills neighborhood, transferring it to D1 in order to remain with the rest of the Village.  The presumption is that by putting Dorsey's Search in D1, it makes a potential swing district less "swingy" and more blue.  Obviously, making D1 "more blue" was against the interest of the GOP and, in response, Greg Fox submitted his own Map, putting all of Dorsey's Search back into D4:

This map excises the entire Columbia Village from D1, giving D4 back it's "thumbs up" shape from the previous districting scheme.  This change, along with a few others, puts D1 back into "up for grabs" territory favorable to the GOP and the prospects of a 3-2 Council.  Obviously not something that a majority Dem Council would want, right?

Wrong.  Mary Kay Sigaty submitted her own districting plan, which, similar to Council-member Fox's proposal, puts Dorsey's Search back into D4:
In fact, you'll note that the boundaries for the 29/108 "district mixing bowl" are identical to those proposed in the GOP/Fox Map.  But wait, along with Courtney Watson's map putting Dorsey in D1:

We also have Jen Terrasa's Map, putting all of Dorsey back in D4:

Sing it with me now...
You put the Village in, you put the Village out,
You put the Village in and put your party's chances in doubt. 
You do the hokie pokie and you pull your markers out,
What is this all about?