Saturday, April 7, 2012

Village Retreat

I was reading David Greisman's piece about CA Elections and a quote from Board Chair Michael Cornell really stuck out:

"People tend to get involved when there's a perception that something's wrong," he said. "When there isn't a lot of interest in a local race, ... I feel it's because most people feel that things are pretty good as they are, and there isn't a whole lot of motivation to do something different."

Well things must be really good in five of Columbia's ten villages, where they don't even have enough candidates to fill their seats.

I think the more likely culprit is disinterest...and four hour meetings.  I would like to see CA focus on raising the interest and profile of CA Board service over the next year.  The election of Board members is an integral part of our community and uncontested elections can lead to complacency and presumptions, such as that expressed above, about what the residents of Columbia really think.

I've put a lot of personal time and effort into spreading the word about the Columbia Association Board, what we do, and why that work is important.  I would lie if I said that I wasn't disappointed with the response.  I don't support or endorse the turn-over of any specific Board member, but I think we all should be challenged, including myself.

My term ends next April.  I haven't yet decided what I will do. If I choose to run again, I would welcome a challenger for that position.  Ideas are refined.  Past experience examined and critiqued. Public discourse is heightened.

I wouldn't fault any of you for suggesting that this is some ego trip by me to make myself more important, but anyone who actually knows me can tell you that's not true.  I want people getting their hands dirty in the business of Columbia.  A lot of people.  It is through that involvement that we will churn out the community involvement and connections that all of us think of when we think about Columbia.

All is not right.  In fact, the lack of challengers is exactly what is wrong.