Friday, June 1, 2012

Bullies On Stilts

I was recently referred to the Grace McComas Memorial Webpage on Facebook and saw this comment regarding the graduation of one of Grace's accused bullies from high school:

he would not of walked that stage had he and his family thought that he would have been a target for ridicule and harm by the community. If it's OK to publicly bully and degrade someone on FB and Twitter, then it's OK to publicize his name and address. Protecting the identity and future life of this sicko and his family is ridiculous. There should have been a large community underground operation to serve justice and punishment already underway, starting with anything that this kid wishes to be involved with- employment, college, sports, clubs, any activity at all. Bullies don't care that what they do "isn't nice and they've been told not to do it". Bullies are only stopped when they are publicly humiliated, shunned and become fearful of retaliation. Wake up people.


"Become Fearful"

Don't we learn anything?  The target of this post is a 17-18 year old of similar fragility to what we have already mourned. 

I can't and won't judge what would motivate someone to suggest this type of mutual assured destruction of one of our graduating youth.  Retribution is built into our psyche and is heightened by pain.  But I would suggest that this cycle is why we will always have bullies.  If I hurt, you will hurt.

Wake up people.