Thursday, July 12, 2012

Valid (Thursday LINKS)

I listened to a podcast yesterday that discussed performance art.  There must be some line between art and looking like a fool, yet to define it would undercut all of the emotional/subjective conditions of art.  We are left with a condition where we are over-inclusive of what may be considered "art" and diluting the pool, for fear of discouraging art by exclusion.  Nonetheless, there is someone or some group along the way that validates the work and calls it "art".

Being a self-referential red-blooded American, I started thinking about how this applies to my life.  Validation.  Who says that CA/Village Board service has "value"?  Don't we talk about this all the time?  Whether it is worth your time.  We are made to question, but has this one ever been answered?

And please understand, I am not soliciting a pep talk.  I am doing just fine on the Board and this is not a cynical post.  My question is more for all of you.  While I've heard many times over that the time requirement is the greatest deterrent to Board service, those same time requirements apply in other levels of elected office without the same resistance to participation.  Is it prestige?  Reputation?  Notoriety?

All these questions come back to validation.  Who says this is a valid use of time?  What would make it more valid?  What are we doing to diminish that?

Lamenting the lack of participation on the CA/Village level is pointless.  The majority of those holding those offices, particularly on the CA Board level, are not interested in encouraging their next opponent to run.  Similarly, there has been resistance at the Board level to allow any work by Staff to recruit the next class of Columbia Council members or broaden the understanding of what we do.    At the very base level, the one that grants validation is whomever puts their name on the candidate petition.


Slate's Moneybox suggests that the Federal Reserve is deliberating adopting policies to push the inflation rate below 2 percent, which is a policy track that can be presumed to stifle job growth.

Howard County Board of Education attorney Judith Bresler projects that the decision to remove Allen Dyer from office may not occur until after...he is removed...from office.

"I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it."
-- George Bernard Shaw

In this week's Political Notebook, Ken Ulman Byron McFarlane says he will not be satisfied if only 55% of Howard County voters support same-sex marriage in November.  I think it is admirable that Ken Ulman is spending precious fund-raising time and resources to support Marriage Equality and also appreciate Byron McFarlane's spear-heading of the local effort.  Without much of a contested election anywhere within our borders, it will be curious to see how Dem political machine runs over the next four months.  Will it be directed towards School Board candidates?  Or will the ballot initiatives be a primary focus?

Adding to that referendum total will be a ballot question regarding the federal congressional redistricting scheme, as Republican opponents have collected enough signatures to put the matter on the ballot.  As predicted, the ballot initiative paired with online resources has become an effective weapon for the GOP in Maryland...never mind the disastrous consequences of direct democracy in California...or Federalist Paper No. 10.

The Anne Arundel County Police Chief has stepped down in conjunction with an agreement between the Chief and the Maryland State Prosecutor's Office.  James Teare Sr. was being investigated for ordering Anne Arundel police officers to do personal and political favors for County Executive John Leopold.  One would think that Teare would assist in the prosecution against Leopold, but the former Chief's attorney says that his client will not be aiding that investigation.

Featured Blog Post of the Day: Well & Wise notes Howard County General Hospital's support for breast feeding and participation in the "Best Fed Beginnings" program.  HCGH has received some recent press in this regard and this post is an important read for prospective parents in the area.

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