Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm Back...Sort of

Flying East to West - Eat dinner at 1 am body clock time, wake up at 4 am sunlight time, go back to bed.  No big deal.

Flying West to East - Hungry at odd hours.  Can't sleep until 2 am.  Forced wake up at 7:30 am -- Feel like a space alien.

I take these posts seriously and if I were to publish anything of substance today, I would just be setting myself up for well-deserved criticism.  I wanted to write a brief note to say I am back on the right side of the Country and happy to be back.

Also, a note for our bummed out Orange Nation.  Last night was a big win even in a loss.  I stayed until the last out.  I couldn't stop looking at the spray-painted "Post-Season" along the first base and third base lines.  Regardless of the score, it was a fairy-tale experience.  I know it is slightly loser-esque to say "Making it there is enough", but for the first time this year, I felt that.  We've waited so long for this and for any fan who left early, I hope it was worth the missed traffic.  Baseball success for teams like ours is often fleeting.  Enjoy every inning.

With that out of the way, the Yanks can't put up CC Sabathia every night.  Let's Go O's!