Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Requiem for an Election

What a wild ride.

I'm too exhausted and scrabble-brained to offer much in the way of commentary, but I did want to drop a line to thank those who ran and lost.  Us on the outside don't know the distinct disappointment of putting yourself out there (you, your ideas, your name) and having to deal with unfavorable results.  What I hope you remember are all of the people that felt so passionately about your campaign, stood in the cold, proudly showed your bumper sticker, and are feeling just as disappointed this morning that you didn't win.  That is admiration and appreciation that many of us will never experience, and you had it for the last four months.  It doesn't go away with a ballot.

We now move on as a Country.  Elections are one of the few times in politics where we actually have some measure of truth.  "So and so" won.  "So and so" lost.  In light of all of the misinformation that was taken as truth regarding polling data and which states were going in which direction, I hope there are some people questioning that dichotomy this morning.  We can have different opinions, but can't continue to live in different realms of fact.

I'm proud of my State this morning.  Sure, it means the world to me that we passed marriage equality and the DREAM Act, but I more just appreciated what yesterday felt like.  We all cared deeply.  Whatever it was we cared about may not have been unified, but that energy was really palpable.  You can't help but think what we could do if we ever did find something to agree to do together.