Monday, March 18, 2013

Four Year Blogoversary

Let me start by saying that I will not be announcing a new fundraiser today.  Believe it or not, despite it seeming like I just sit here and money comes flying in, those fundraisers take up a lot of my time.  This next one, planned to be the biggest yet (at least in terms of impact), would be particularly time-intensive.  And while the local "pundits" suggest that Village elections don't matter, I know better, and will be investing every free second I have into making sure these elections reflect the future of Columbia, and not the past.

But be assured, the project is coming - probably sometime in May.

Some thoughts:

When I started writing this blog, I called March 18 the "blog's birthday".  "Blogoversary" is a much more appropriate term.  This is such a relationship-laden hobby, especially as more people read and the substance of what I write has developed weight.  I have a relationship with you (my first thought in the morning when trying to think of what to write).  I have a relationship with the people I write about, always compelled to be fair, but comfortable with the idea that public actions have public consequences worth scrutiny.  In some respects, I even have a relationship with the blog itself and it's big white face constantly challenging "Well...?"

I love this hobby.  I'm a man of many interests.  I read.  I run.  I watch sports.  But the only hobby I've ever loved is this blog.

I appreciate all of the understanding and fellowship you all have offered me.  These four years have been a matter of great personal growth for me.  I think differently, in great part because I have dozens of people every day available to respond to my most pressing political thoughts with "Are you sure about that?"  That is a gift.

I still haven't gotten over the word "blog" and still hate it.  I probably always will.  I call this my "website", which is a sad little contrivance that really only forestalls the word "blog" by about 60 seconds.

I don't look forward to "covering" the 2014 County Executive Election, but really hope that Columbia is featured prominently in the platforms of both candidates. 

There is a saying amongst runners that "I run to eat".  That's me.  My wife is an amazing cook and I run so I can eat as much of it as possible and not feel too guilty.  I also think "I blog to meet".  Writing is fun, and I think I'm getting the hang of it, but I write every morning to meet new people, especially those who have dedicated their lives to public service.  On that note - here's my e-mail.  I've had the good fortune of meeting up with at least a half dozen readers who did not know me on any other basis other than this url address.  All of those people I now consider friends.  (My mom, also a reader, is now completely freaked out.)

People of a certain age tend to provide compulsive advice to people under the age of 35.  Please stop.  We will ask.

The most valuable lesson I've learned from this blog is that we need to sit down with one another more often.  We throw too much mud.  If you sit down with someone, and have them awkwardly joke about the weather, or talk about how they need to leave to pick up their son from basketball practice, the mud throwing seems a lot less inviting.  We won't always agree, and that's a good thing, but we can respect each other as people who will have a bad day if someone else is irresponsible with their words.  I don't think that's too much to ask.

I love my job, but I really love the work I do after I come home.  I don't know if I would have served on the CA Board had I not started this blog, but I doubt it.  As frustrating as some days have been, I've found true fulfillment there.  It changed the future I saw for myself.  That's what makes four years seem like such a long time.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Have a great Monday doing what you love!