Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Terri Hill Scores Full Slate Endorsements in District 12

The Maryland Reporter noted yesterday that Delegate District 12 candidate Terri Hill has scored endorsements from all three of the outgoing D12 Delegates: Jimmy Malone, Steve DeBoy, and Liz Bobo.  I'm told that Liz Bobo hand-picked Terri for this District and recruited her to run.

This is signficant on two levels - first, it raises the profile of a candidate looking to get her name out in the community.  Second, retiring delegates tend to have money to spend on budding campaigns such as those of Ms. Hill.  I think we can expect to see a near max out contribution from Delegate Bobo and substantial contributions from DeBoy and Malone.

I've also heard that Ms. Hill will be supported by D12's State Senator Ed Kasemeyer with the dynamics of that support yet to be determined.

In this context, with an open field for the three seats in D12, Terri Hill is in a very good position for the primary, even acknowledging that it is a year away.  Other than Clarence Lam, we've yet to see what other candidates will emerge, but with endorsements from Bobo, Malone, DeBoy, and potentially Kasemeyer, the pole position is filled.