Friday, June 13, 2014

A Mini CA Board Recap

From Nina Basu:

Reg Avery made a motion to declare that the Inner Arbor Trust plans, as submitted to the County, contain material changes from the Concept Plan attached as an exhibit to the easement, and directing the President to notify the Inner Arbor Trust that they are in breach of the easement. Russ Swatek seconded. There was some heated discussion. Reg, Russ, and Alan Klein voted for, everyone else against. 

As Michael Cornell and Brian Dunn noted, this was done in secret, without notice, and was planned to exclude public input and to exclude the residents who came out in droves to support the plan.
Reg Avery's motion was defeated.

To put this in context, two weeks ago at the joint CA Board/Inner Arbor Trust meeting, proponents of the plan clearly out-numbered detractors 12-4.  In response, those looking to upend this plan introduced a motion without putting it on the Agenda, without public notice, without the opportunity for Inner Arbor to defend itself, and without giving too much concern as to what Columbia actually wants.

This is serious.