Thursday, June 26, 2014

Primary Won

We won our Primary on Tuesday:

I couldn't be more proud of our team.  It was my name on the ballot, but the results are owned by so many amazing, hard-working, dedicated, compassionate people.  People who don't think idealism is a funny word.  Our kind of people.  Tuesday night was great, but mostly because I was able to share an amazing feeling with people I love on a job well done.

While the final results were exhilarating, I'll be honest with you all and say that Primary Day itself is not particularly fun for the candidate.  Months and months of planning and execution come down to desperate attempts to leave one final good impression with every voter.  Every time someone passed me without looking me in the eye or giving me a thumbs up, I presumed I lost their vote.  I'm not going to suggest any of these thoughts were rational, but they were certainly persistent.

I spoke with Rich Corkran yesterday.  The conversation was brief.  I look forward to having him join our team to advocate for the substantive positions we've taken in this race.  I continue to believe Rich is a good man who cares about his community.  He just ran against someone I am not.  Whoever that someone is, I wouldn't have liked them either.

Many races were decided on Tuesday, regardless of what's on the ballot come November.  Our race was not one of them.  I'm glad for that.  Despite having to fend off feckless attacks from the left throughout my Primary, I've always had my eye on the General.  This is where we can talk about our vision for Ellicott City and how we're going to accomplish it.  I would put my team up against anybody and I did not much care who came out of the GOP Primary.  If it wasn't obvious before, we're not running against people on the other side of the ballot.  We're running for something. The fact that my opponent took a swing at me during his first conversation with a reporter is a good sign.  He's running a playbook we know; one we've defeated before.

We're ready.  Many folks have recommended taking some time "off", but I am more energized and motivated than ever.  We'll be right back out there soon.  And I believe that we will win.

Have a great Thursday doing what you love!