Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Taking a Break

I don't have a vacation planned this year.  We took a long weekend in May for a family wedding, which was great (other than coming home to some "ugly" in the mailbox), but it wasn't the full week we normally take.  Looking back, I feel a little foolish for not working something in, but I am optimistic it will all be worthwhile once the baby comes.  I will be able to take time then, preferably after the election, and enjoy our new family.

But I can take time off here.  I'm just not coming up with much worth saying, which makes it a imposition to suggest I am writing anything worth reading.  I have to guess that at least a quarter of the views I do get here are from trackers for my opponent, hoping to get an out of context statement or two for the next round of mail (I'm sure I've provided more than enough).

I need some time to think of what this space should be for the rest of the campaign and after that.  I always used to tell Dennis that this blog goes away once we have our first child.  Well that's November.

Things have changed a bit since the time I said that.  When I started this campaign, I thought "Blogs are powerful tools for direct communication between lawmakers and constituents."  Then the attack mail came.  After that I thought "Blogs are dangerous tools that can overexpose a political candidate and set them up for devastating attacks."  Then we won.  After that I thought "That blog saved me.  Enough people knew who I really was that pinhole caricatures didn't stick."

None of that resolved the semi-daily tussle I get into with this white space every other morning.  My style of blogging requires spontaneity.  Occasionally I will have a topic in the hopper (like yesterday's post), but once that's gone, I'm running a cycle of campaign to-do lists that are probably of no interest to you.  

So I think I'm going to take a blog vacation.  I need to think about what I'm doing here.  And during the time I would otherwise write, I'm going to read and drink a cup of coffee...which is my idea of time away.

Have a great Wednesday doing what you love!