Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brian Meshkin: The Unauthorized Biography

Whenever you start working on a case, you need to create a timeline.  The timeline will help you know what you know, and what you don't know.  It will help where the facts are fuzzy.  The below is a timeline I have created based on information offered by Brian Meshkin's campaign and facts I was able to gather from the internet.  It presents an incredibly disturbing picture of failed businesses and blatant misrepresentations.  This is nothing to ignore.

1990 - "led a student effort to pass the nation's first bicycle helmet law for children in 1990 in Howard County, Maryland"

1992 - Maryland "Earthly Angel" with Baltimore Sun

1990-1995 - "Went onto to help pass over 300 similar laws nationwide"  300?  Brian Meshkin helped pass "over 300" laws nationwide?  During this period of time, Brian was attending middle and high school.

1995 - 1997 -- Attends University of Maryland; graduates with degree in Government & Politics and General Business

March 1998 - June 1999 -- Worked at Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical 

November 1999 - Co-founded with his brother

March 2000 - May 2000 -- Founds Privotry Corporation/Incubank (in Georgia?)

May 2000 -- Brian Meshkin begins working with Eli Lilly (Pivotry disappears)

June 2000 - Surfbuzz goes under. (Brian claims it was sold in his Linked In Profile)

June 2002 -- Brian Meshkin leaves Eli Lilly

June 2002 - January 2003 -- Brian Meshkin works at Ortho Biotech
February 2003 - February 2005 -- Brian Meshkin works at Prometheus Laboratories, Inc.

April 2005 - Salugen, Inc. founded by Brian Meshkin.

May 2007 -- Responcis Call Center files a Breach of Contract action against Salugen Inc. in California.

January 2008 -- Meshkin Ventures founded by Brian Meshkin.

June 2008 -- FedEx files a Collections action against Salugen Inc. in California.

September 2008 -- All executives but Brian resign from Salugen, Inc. ("[U]nder Mr. Meshkin's direction, Salugen was unable to raise capital, adequately perform operational activities or compensate employees and vendors")

September 2008 -- Bank of America files a Collections action against Brian in California.

November 2008 -- Terri Lynn Huntington files an Enforcement action against Salugen, Inc. in California.

Fall 2008 -- Brian returns from San Diego, CA to Fulton, MD

December 2008 -- Brian Meshkin receives "Honorable Mention" as a Biotech "Power to Be" (Gives himself the award on his website)

August 2009 -- Brian Meshkin becomes adjunct professor at Howard Community College

2008-2009 -- Delegate, PTA Council of Howard County for Fulton Elementary

Fall 2009 - Brian Meshkin elected President of the Fulton Elementary PTA

April 16, 2010 -- Brian Meshkin announces candidacy for Board of Education

Brian claims to be a member of Board of Trustees for Columbia Festival of the Arts.  Someone should tell the Board for Columbia Festival of the Arts about this. (UPDATE: Brian was briefly on the Board, but is no longer listed as a member.  What happened?)

Brian claims that Salugen has offices in Maryland.  The Maryland office is listed as 9520 Berger Road Suite 212. Columbia, Maryland 21046.  However, this is the same address noted for "Business Suites of Columbia."
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