Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bulk Trash Pick-Up Comes (Back) to Howard County

Like most Howard Countians, you were probably most excited by one item in this year's Budget: Bulk Trash Pick-up.  Well starting in August, that dream will be realized.

Not to rain on anyone's bulk trash parade, but my guess is that this new feature to County living will be recognized mostly for its prohibitions. 

Items Not Accepted: Ammunition; Asbestos; Ashes; Carpet; Compressed gas tanks; Computer monitors; Construction & demolition debris; Dead animals; Drum containers/fuel & oil tanks; Explosives Firearms; Household hazardous waste; poisons, acids, caustics; Liquids including paint, oil, etc; Medical Waste; Mirrors/plate glass; Sawdust; Stumps and logs; Tires; TVs.

Jane and I have a big carpet pulling project on the horizon and I am very disappointed that this will not be covered by the bulk trash pick-up.  Nonetheless, I appreciate the availability of the new service and look forward to finding something big to recycle.