Friday, June 28, 2013

Paint What Matters - FINAL PUSH!

I need you to do me a favor - click this link, click on the fine State of Maryland, and vote for Ellicott City.

Thank you.  Please do the same thing tomorrow and Sunday. 

What are you voting for?  Well Benjamin Moore has offered to paint 20 Main Streets across the United States and Canada.  That means OUR Main Street could get a new coat of paint, stirring civic pride and enthusiasm, while furthering the great progress made by our County Seat over the past decade.

The general feeling I'm getting is that we are either already in the Top 20 or just on the cusp.  There was a contest earlier this week to see which town could get the most votes in a three hour span and we made the top ten.  When we win, and we will win, you're going to want a reaston to be a part of that celebration.

Still not convinced?  What if I told you Brad Pitt may come to Ellicott City if we win?