Monday, July 1, 2013

100 Doors (Monday LINKS)

I knocked on 100 doors over the weekend.

When I first started telling people I was intending to run for office, they would start out excited, but then drop their shoulders and tell me in a sympathetic tone "You're going to have to knock on doors."  Other pols have been teasing me with this, saying things like "Ready to knock on some doors?"

But the thing is - I honestly love it.  I love the look on people's faces when they realize I'm not there to sell them anything and that I want to hear what they have to say about things.  I love pop quiz analyses of what we can do to improve our community.  I love dogs.  (You really need to love dogs.)

I started with the community that I know best - Dorsey's Search.  Some were puzzled as to why anyone would be out canvassing this early in the election cycle, but most were excited about the prospects of a new legislative district and having particularized representation for this community.

People wanted to talk about transportation, education, and the Dorsey's Search pool.  Not one person mentioned the gas tax, storm-water management fee, or gun legislation.  Oh...we also discussed whether I needed an umbrella - the sky looked angry but nary a drop hit me while I was completing my walk-sheet for the day.

What I loved most about door-knocking was the sense of building something.  I can't describe it completely, but it felt as if I was adding substance to the ideas I've been promoting; backing them up somehow.  Ideas are great, but if that's all you have, write a book.  You need to be able to make those ideas happen.

As of today, I'm 100 doors closer to that goal.


The Orioles swept the Yankees with two nationally broadcast games over the weekend.  These games definitely had the feel of playoff baseball...and I am still somewhat amazed that I have experienced that as an Orioles fan.  Other big news is that Brian Roberts returned to the lineup with a hit and an RBI.  I think we need to play Field of Dreams music every time he steps up to the plate. 

Thank you to everyone who voted for Main Street Ellicott City in the Paint What Matters contest.  "Votes are being tabulated" and the results will be announced on July 8.  (I really feel like we won.)

Michael Dresser with the Baltimore Sun notes that a 3.5 cent increase in Maryland's gas tax goes into effect today, which will be used to fund road expansion projects planned for the area.  Most important for Howard County drivers, some of these funds will be directed towards widening Route 29 between exit 17 (Seneca Drive) and exit 20 (Route 175).  As Dresser also notes in the piece, the toll increases were set in 2011 to fund bond repayment for "mega-projects" initiated under the Ehrlich Administration, such as the $2.6 billion Inter-County-Connector.

My Criminal Procedure profession David Cole published an editorial in the Washington Post over the weekend reminding readers that although the DOMA decision was encouraging, the 2013 session of the Roberts Court, on the whole, was bad for non-corporate citizens of these United States.

If you have even the slightest interest in history, check out this profile piece by Washington Post reporter Michael Ruane of Civil War historian William A. Frassanito, who has used photographs to make substantial contributions to the historical analyses of Gettysburg (including the recent reconfiguration of trees/open space to replicate what the battlefield looked like in 1863).

Featured Blog Post of the Day: Annierie reminds us that July 20-28 is Buy Local Week.  I plan to post more on this later, but it is great to plan ahead.  Please click through to see all of the awesome things AR made with local ingredients (just keep that blog in the cycle - good stuff every day).

That's all for today.  Have a great Monday (in a holiday shortened week) doing what you love!  Rock on.